9Th Island Loco Moco: Egg Works

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Egg Works

9355 W. Flamingo Rd. #1
Las Vegas NV, 89147


A generous portion of "sticky white rice" topped with a homeade burger patty, delicious brown gravy and two eggs any style.  $9.50

            This is one of my favorites I think. Its like a grandma/cafeteria lady from the 60s made this. The gravys just got that cafeteria taste. You can taste the dusty books of an old school and smog from cars that were built back when they were American as fuck. I could see grandma ladling it with a perfectly distributed splat over a deliciously shitty beef patty.  

This paddy, however, tasted like the grandmas husband, Buster, cooked them in the fryer in the back! cooked like hes been doing it for years. Dips it in A-1 and licks the drops off his fingers after every dip. This fucking pile of cafeteria slop is everything I want in my Loco Moco.