9th Island Loco Moco: Bachi Burger

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Bachi Burger Loco Moco

470 E Windmill Ln #100, Las Vegas, NV 89123

Grilled Wagyu burger over creamy risotto with two eggs, fried or grilled onions and Sriracha bacon jam. $17

    Well, at first glance this thing looked bougie as fuuuck. And well, it is. Its a $17 Loco Moco so, you know, that. It also came out looking pretty slim for a Loco Moco and didnt feel "home-y" enough for me. But when I took that first bite. . . . . ooooooo Jesus, call me bougie but that shit was buuuuhhhdderrrrr!.

    The Wagyu beef is so juicy and full of flavor I thought I was gonna orgasm out my face! Great flavor combos for sure but lacked a real gravy which is keeeey in a Gahdamn Loco Moco. A jam is not a gravy. The risotto just made a rich dish even more rich. Since its small to begin with, though, you get just the right amount of bites before its too rich to finish. 

     So despite its small size, it's a solid full meal and the 17 bucks you dish out are well worth the quality of that juicy, deliciously sexy Wagyu paddy. As far as the "home-y" feeling I like, it still lacked that, obviously.

    That beautiful sloppy marriage of egg, rice, ground meat all smothered in GRAAAAVY.  Not neatly put on a plate. Sometimes built from random leftovers your Mom found in the kitchen. And only this "home-y" version satisfies every lust you have for carbs and protein after a shitty (good shit or bad) night. That feeling it did not have.

    But if you like stuffing fancy meat in your mouth from pampered farms in Japan, This one is for you. All in all a pretty solid LM. 


7 1/2